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The Philadelphia Eagles are a National Football League team based in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. The Eagles were founded in 1933 by co-owners Bert Bell and Lud Wray. The Eagles are one of four teams that play in the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference. The Eagles had previously been the Frankford (Pennsylvania) Yellow Jackets, a team that started in 1924, when owners the late Bert Bell and Lud Wray bought the franchise for $2,500 and moved it to Philadelphia.The name 'Eagles" came from the symbol of the National Recovery Administration, which had been created as part of the New Deal program by new president Franklin D.

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Roosevelt to help the country from it's struggling economy (Great Depression).In it's first ten seasons the club suffered;posting losing records in each season. It wasn't until 1943, when the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh franchises combined for one season due to the manpower shortage created by World War II, that they showed true promise. The team was called both Phil-Pitt and the Steagles. Greasy Neale of the Eagles and Walt Kiesling of the Steelers were co-coaches and the team finished 5-4-1. Things quickly turned around: Led by running back Steve Van Buren, the Eagles reached the National Football League title game in each of the last three years of the 1940s, winning two of the contests.

Their next appearance in a league championship game would take place in 1960, with quarterback Norm Van Brocklin and linebacker Chuck Bednarik leading the offense and defense, respectively (Bednarik was also the last NFL player to play both offense and defense, lining up at center when the offense had the ball). The Eagles won this game, 17-13 over the Green Bay Packers, which was played at Franklin Field on December 26, 1960.In 1961 Van Brocklin was replaced at quarterback by another eventual Hall of Fame member, Sonny Jurgensen. In his first full season Jurgensen threw for a league-record 3723 yards, breaking the previous mark by more than 600 yards. (The record is now held by Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins, who threw for 5084 yards in 19840.

Nearly a third of Jurgensenís yards went to McDonald, who led the league in yardage (1144) and touchdowns (13).Armed with the world-renowned Philadelphia Cheesesteak and alcoholic beverages, Philadelphia Eagles fans are often considered to be among the most hostile and violent in professional sports, prompting a courtroom to be built inside the stadium to deal with law-breaking fans immediately. Yet interestingly this factor does not seem to have provided the team with any additional home-field advantage: From 2000 through 2003, all inclusive, the Eagles actually had a better record in regular-season away games than in home games, going 25-7 on the road (best in the NFL over that period) but only 21-11 at home.Among fan lore, the Santa Claus Incident has perhaps the most symbolism for fans.Philadelphian Ed Rendell led fellow Eagles fans in a mass snowballing of Cowboys' coach Jimmy Johnson and later became mayor of the city. He is currently the governor of the state.


The Eagles made one Super Bowl appearance XV which they lost 27-10, to the Oakland Raiders. The teams uniform consists of the colors midnight green, black, silver and white, with their helmet design a white wing on a green helmet. The Philadelphia Eagles mascot is Swoop. The Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Famer's include Chuck Bednarik (1967) - 1949-1962, Bert Bell (1963) - 1933-1940, Bob Brown (2004) - 1964-1968, Mike Ditka (1988) - 1967-1968, Tommy McDonald (1998) - 1957-1963, Pete Pihos (1970) - 1947-1955, Steve Van Buren (1965) - 1944-1951,Earle Greasy Neale (1969) - 1941-1950 and Sonny Jurgensen (1983) - 1957-1963. Retired numbers are #15 Steve Van Buren, #40 Tom Brookshier, #44 Pete Retzlaff, #60 Chuck Bednarik, #70 Al Wistert, and #99 Jerome Brown. The Eagles play at the Lincoln Financial Field, which was opened on September 8, 2003 and seats 68,532.


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