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Chicago City

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Jean Baptist Point Du Sable was the first non native settler to the area that is now Chicago in the late eighteenth century. Jean was a Haitian originating from Africa. His point of settlement was on the Chicago River. Chicago in 1795, the Native American occupying the area that is now Chicago surrendered to the United States and signed the treaty of Greenville. The country used the area as a military post. Fort Dearborn which was completely annihilated in the War of 1812, known as the Fort Dearborn Massacre, was built in 1803. The Fort was rebuilt in 1816 and remained in use for the next twenty one years.

Chicago was established as a town in 1833, with a population of three hundred and fifty residents. In 1848, with the completion of the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad, became the first rail line to the city of Chicago. The city of Chicago went on to become the largest railway hub in the country. Retailers such as Roebuck&Co, Montgomery Ward and Sears, grew from the accessibility that Chicago offered, with rail, road, water and air, to provide catalog shopping using this connections. The city level was taken up a notch between four to seven feet in 1855.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, got his nomination to vie for the presidency in 1860 from the Republican National Convention in Chicago. The Great Chicago Fire in 1871 nearly finished the entire city. In 1885 after the city had rebuilt, it got it's first skyscraper. The Chicago World's Fair in 1893, put Chicago on the world map. Chicago's water source is from Lake Michigan and in the beginning of the twentieth century the flow of direction for the Chicago River was changed so as to prevent it from contaminating the cities water source.

The Chicago River was redirected to Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal which at the end finished off in the Mississippi River. As part of the Top secret Manhattan Project, which took place at the University of Chicago, the world's first controlled nuclear reaction was conducted in 1942. Here are a few demographics for Chicago; The number families living in Chicago is 632,909, as of 2000. 41.97% of the population are White, 36.77% are African American, 26.02% are Hispanic or Latino, 4.35% are of Asian origin, 0.36% are Native American and 0.06% Pacific Islander. Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the country, the largest in the state of Illinois, having around 2.87 million residents as of 2003. Chicago ranks as having some of the finest hotels in the world. Accommodation is readily available also at the various Lodges and Inns in and around the city. They are; Days Inn Gold Coast Hotel, Best Western Hawthorne Terrace Hotel, Best Western River North Hotel, Cass Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott Chicago Downtown, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Le Meridien, Omni Chicago Hotel and Radisson Hotel & Suites Downtown. Chicago has all the four major sports franchises in the United States based in the city. They are; Chicago Bears (National Football League), Chicago Blackhawks (National Hockey League), Chicago Cubs (Major League Baseball) Chicago Bulls (National Basketball Association) and Chicago White Sox (Major League Baseball) The other team is the Chicago Fire (Major League Soccer).



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City building is going for the green
Louisville Courier-Journal, KY - Aug 8, 2007
Former Mayor Dave Armstrong spearheaded local government's interest in green roofs after visiting one atop the Chicago City Hall that was planted in 2000. ...

Bottled-water outcry grows
Chicago Tribune, United States - 20 minutes ago
Whether Chicago will go that route remains to be seen. There are no city policies in place or on the agenda to curb bottled-water usage, said Sadhu Johnston ...

Casino in Chicago is a sure bet to raise lots of money
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 17 hours ago
No wonder the City of Chicago is broke. The city courts are a joke. I went there the other day after my son got in an accident with a guy who ran a red ...

Chicago Tribune, United States - 20 minutes ago
Chicago Heights Mayor Anthony DeLuca said the city's Finance Committee will look at ways to help senior citizens pay the community service fee, ...
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