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San Francisco City

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The area that is now San Francisco was inhabited by Native folk ten to twenty thousand years ago. The Natives settled in the middle of Point Sur and the San Francisco Bay. Exploration of the area that is now San Francisco started around the mid sixteenth century. The famous Mission Dolores was established in 1776. Downtown in San Francisco, was in the early years of the nineteenth century known as Yerba Buena and was first inhabited by an English Whaler, William Richardson. After the Mexican-American War and the capture of Yerba Buena by the Commodore of the naval force, John D. Sloat, the town was renamed to San Francisco in 1847.

San Francisco in the Mid nineteenth century did not have the most basic of elements forcing the inhabitants flocking the city to bring with them, food, fuel and water. In one year between 1848-1849, due to the gold rush the population increased 10 fold, from one thousand to twenty five thousand. The largest population of the Chinese outside China is considered to be in San Francisco's Chinatown district. Some big organizations started at that particular time when the population was increasing at the very large rate to cater to the inhabitants.

They are Ghirardelli chocolate, Wells Fargo bank and Levi Strauss & Co. The county of San Francisco, one of the first in the state of California was established in 1850. One of the oldest Universities in the United States is the University of San Francisco which as of 2005 was one hundred and fifty years old. An earthquake measured at 8.25 on the Richter scale destroyed the city in 1906, and the fire and broke out later caused for damage, annihilating the city.

Four hundred and seventy eight people lost their lives. Panama-Pacific Exposition was hosted by San Francisco, honoring the completion of the Panama Canal and to make sure everyone saw how much the city had recovered and rebuilt from the quake that hit ten years ago. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge were opened in 1937 and 1936, respectively. San Francisco has some of the best hotels, lodges and inns in the state of California. A few of them are; Radisson Hotel, Galleria Park Hotel, Hotel Griffon, Park Hyatt, Best Inn, Castle Inn, Dakota Hotel, Francisco Bay Inn, Nob Hill Hotel, Rodeway Inn, Travelodge Downtown, Grand Hyatt Union Square and the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco. San Francisco is home to two of the major sports franchises in the United States. They are; San Francisco 49ers (National Football League) and the San Francisco Giants (Major League Baseball).


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San Francisco Chronicle

Balmer, From Sorry to Standout - 2 hours ago
Upon his arrival in San Francisco on Sunday of the NFL Draft, Balmer greeted his new teammates with joy and humility, and then hit them up for their ...
NFL: Niners sign first-round pick Balmer on eve of camp Honolulu Advertiser
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Prognosticators jump off 49ers bandwagon
Los Angeles Times, CA - 29 minutes ago
The San Francisco 49ers were the popular, hip pick last season, and more than one publication figured they were really going to take off. ...

First-round picks Mayo, Cason, Balmer sign - 2 hours ago
Cason was the 27th overall pick by the San Diego Chargers. Balmer was chosen 30th overall by the San Francisco 49ers. Cason's deal is worth $12.03 million ...

Boston Globe

Bill Belichick often whistles while he works to drive home his ...
Boston Globe, United States - 17 hours ago
"What struck me last year is how efficient they've gotten," said former San Francisco 49ers center Randy Cross, who broadcasts Patriots preseason games. ...
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