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Philadelphia City

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Philadelphia, meaning city of brotherly love in ancient Greek, ranks at number five in the UniteEagles Cityd States as far as it's population is concerned. The city has a population of one million four hundred and seventy nine thousand residents. Philli, as the city is referred to, is the largest in the state of Pennsylvania. The first European inhabitants in Philadelphia were from Sweden, back in the mid seventeen century. Philadelphia is one of the few planned cities in the United States. William Penn founded and developed Philadelphia. Penn had seen the problems London had with congestion which brought about diseases and difficulty while trying to control a fire, so he came up with a plan to give all the immigrants who bought land in the city farm land outside the city.

This easily allowed residents to leave the city, alleviating the problems brought about by overcrowding. Independence Hall, situated in Philadelphia is one of the United States most significant historical places. This is where the United States constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed in the eighteenth century. Back in the 18th century Philadelphia was the second largest city in the British Empire, London was the first. For ten years late in the nineteenth century Philadelphia was made the Counties capital.

Baldwin Locomotive Works, which is the worlds biggest manufacturer of steam Locomotives was first based in Philadelphia, but the firm moved to Eddystone. Philadelphia's executive is an elected mayor, it's legislature is made up of seventeen council members. Some of the big industries that contribute heavily to Philadelphia's economy are; food, financial services and refining.

Here are a few of the major firms based in the city; GlaxoSmithKline, Comcast, Aramark and Sunoco. Here are some of the demographics for the city of Philadelphia; Living in PhiladelphiEagles Citya are 352,272 families. 45.02% of then population are White, 43.22% are African American, 4.46% are of Asian origin, 0.27% are Native American and 0.05% Pacific Islander. Philadelphia is known for it's different original kinds of food. here are a few; scrapple, soft pretzel, Hoagies and Cheesesteaks. Philadelphia has a lot of attractions, Museums to keep the avid tourists quite busy. The hotel industry in Philadelphia is one of the best in the state.

As for the cuisines you'll enjoy eating at the restaurants phillie has to offer. Philadelphia is one of only thirteen cities in the United States to have four of the countries major sports franchises; Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Phillies. Philadelphia Soul, Philadelphia Kixx and Philadelphia Wings are the other sports teams based in the city.


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US Airways Fires Workers Over False OT
Forbes, NY - 3 hours ago
... represent yet another headache in Philadelphia for US Airways, which accounts for more than 60 percent of the traffic at the city's major airport. ...
US Airways lags in on-time performance
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Newark Slayings Shake Hardened City
Washington Post, United States - 9 hours ago
Other cities, including Boston, Philadelphia and Orlando, have in recent years experienced a spike in slayings after years of falling homicide rates. ...

Philadelphia: City Under Siege
CBS News, NY - Jul 23, 2007
In Philadelphia, murders were up close to 8 percent last year. On Sunday, in the City of Brotherly Love, five people were shot to death, bringing the murder ...

Man Fatally Shot Inside City Business
NBC, PA - 7 hours ago
Police said a man in his 50s was fatally shot in the chest inside a Northeast Philadelphia business Thursday morning. The unidentified victim, who was shot ...
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